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Bingle Lifetime Guarantee

Below is a brief breakdown of a competitive pitch we won to do the latest Bingle TVC.
We decided from an early stage that we wanted to go back to Bingle's core values of 
engineering excellence. So we decided to move away from creating the spot in 3D 
and instead utilise one flowing live action shot. All assets were built from paper 
and we used a remote controlled car for the movement. The whole TVC was one take 
utilising Movi rig.

All elements were first illustrated for approval. We went through a couple of stages but 
finally went with something with an Art Deco feel.

Once the illustrations were signed off they were created in 3D and then printed out on 
paper ready to be cut and glued.

The team spent 9 days building all the assets. 4 cars and 2 bingle logos were built as 
backups to all the crashing.

We were lucky enough to get the expert driving skills of Matt Leeming on the shoot day. 
He hit his mark with precision every time on the 30 odd takes we did.

On the shoot day we made finishing touches to the assets and set. We rigged it all 
up so things could be controlled by ropes and pulleys away from the set and out of 
the way of the camera operators who were absolute machines on the day.
(Peter Barta & Nate Martin)

A great effort from all at Engine, GHO and Bingle!!
Click below to watch the final spot.

Style-frame pitch work

Recent pitch we worked on. The whole set was to be built from various textures and filmed stop motion.

Style Frame created by Lilian Darmono.

Let's go camping!

A little 2D animation study of a fire. Animated in Flash using a Cintiq, and then composited in After Effects.

Here's a little insight to the process of creating the fire.

Love Every Minute 2D Animations

Here are some of the elements we created for the "Love Every Minute" series of TV commercials we created with AJF. We wanted to push the line art style by animating as many characters as we could using frame by frame techniques in Flash. The animations were then placed within the 3D environment to work seamlessly with all of the other assets.

You can see the final spots at the links below...

Love Every Minute Logo Sketches

We had the pleasure of working with the typographer Gemma O'Brien for our latest project. Here are some of her concept sketches.

Style Frames

A couple of style frames for a recent pitch.
The frames were illustrated by our very talented friend Pete McDonald -

IFAW Ocean Noise

We recently had the privilege to work with the IFAW on a film to promote the issues of noise pollution on whales.

The film was great fun to work on. A big thanks to all the volunteers for helping out and making it possible in such a short amount of time.

We decided early on that we wanted to use the format of a school play to help explain the whales plight. This meant designing and building over 16 costumes in a very short time frame.

Mike, Nick and Pete McDonald set about designing all the costumes in just a couple of days.

Nick with the help from Alex and Henry set about building and painting 
the costumes in just 4 days. A bunch of the Engine staff jumped in at the 
11th hour to help get the costumes across the line.

Never work with kids or animals they say, well what about kids dressed as animals!! The whole shoot was great fun and everyone enjoyed them selves, a big thanks to the Nikki Webster dance academy for providing us with most of our talent who were an absolute pleasure to work with.

New Look

As part of our recent move to Surry Hills we went through a rebranding process. We decided
at an early stage to move away from our previous formal geometric mark towards a more crafted tactile approach. The mark echoes our ethos of collaboration through individual crafts in our respective disciplines.

Instead of printing our business card we created 3 different size ink stamps with the new logo. This allowed each person to have a slightly different feel to their cards while 
still retaining the brand ethos.

Stay tuned as we roll out the new branding across all other platforms over the coming weeks

Check out some of the process stages below.

One from sketch club

A quick 10 min pose from life drawing class a while back. Shaded in illustrator and photoshop.


Check out the new channel we set up on our vimeo page. It's all those really cool videos that make us jealous that we didn't do it first. It is a collection of work that we love for our and your viewing pleasure.

Colour Script

Inspired by the work of pixar, we recently had the chance to create a colour script to showcase the progression of colour/grading through a 30 second live action spot.


These were some fun typographic elements we developed for a recent project.

Character bust

Part 3. This one was to show the treatment of the facial features and expressions.

Joel Character

This is the second post in the series (girls being the first). This character was directly inspired by our very lanky flame operator Joel. Who by the way is killing it with his new website offering smoke and flame tips and tutorials. Check it out:


This animation was a great opportunity to extend the 3d department's use of particle and procedural animation techniques. Titled Impermanence, the animation plays with the ever changing nature of reality, so particles and procedurals were a natural fit. The music is J. S. Bach's timeless piece Sinfonia.