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Bingle Lifetime Guarantee

Below is a brief breakdown of a competitive pitch we won to do the latest Bingle TVC.
We decided from an early stage that we wanted to go back to Bingle's core values of 
engineering excellence. So we decided to move away from creating the spot in 3D 
and instead utilise one flowing live action shot. All assets were built from paper 
and we used a remote controlled car for the movement. The whole TVC was one take 
utilising Movi rig.

All elements were first illustrated for approval. We went through a couple of stages but 
finally went with something with an Art Deco feel.

Once the illustrations were signed off they were created in 3D and then printed out on 
paper ready to be cut and glued.

The team spent 9 days building all the assets. 4 cars and 2 bingle logos were built as 
backups to all the crashing.

We were lucky enough to get the expert driving skills of Matt Leeming on the shoot day. 
He hit his mark with precision every time on the 30 odd takes we did.

On the shoot day we made finishing touches to the assets and set. We rigged it all 
up so things could be controlled by ropes and pulleys away from the set and out of 
the way of the camera operators who were absolute machines on the day.
(Peter Barta & Nate Martin)

A great effort from all at Engine, GHO and Bingle!!
Click below to watch the final spot.